Sheryl Underwood's, Spiritual Nourishment

Monday and Wednesday, from 16:00 to 18:00

Emmy-award winning co-host of THE TALK, Sheryl Underwood is joining iWorship96 Radio with her new radio show Spiritual Nourishment, during your drive time on Mondays and Wednesdays, 4-6 PM. Tamika Hall, iWorship96 Radio CEO says, “I was beyond thrilled when Ms. Underwood’s team reached out about partnering with iWorship96 to broadcast, Spiritual Nourishment. We all know Sheryl from television and comedy, but what a gift to be able to connect to her spiritual side each week.”

When asked why she launched Spiritual Nourishment, Underwood says, “Why did I start Spiritual Nourishment? Well, I started Spiritual Nourishment because one, I wanted to spread the good news and I wanted to do it in a way that church people could digest. Church people love to laugh. They love music. They love church music and secular music. They have issues that they want to hear, digest it and broken down. So, I asked my good friend, Bishop Eric, to come on board with the Sheryl Underwood team.”

iWorship96 is an internet radio station with 15 shows that air weekly to more than 4 million listeners in 60 countries. “We were created to make God famous,” Hall says with a smile reciting her famous on-air tagline. “We are called to go into the world and spread the Gospel of Christ. I am honored that Sheryl’s Spiritual Nourishment is one more vehicle to doing that.”

Norwood further explains her vision for the weekly broadcast, “Spiritual Nourishment was special to us because in everything that we do, we put God first and that's why we grow it. We don't disrespect other people's beliefs. We believe that however, you believe we can believe together because we believe that's what Jesus did. Then He went around different types of people. Spiritual Nourishment is a type of show that we want it to nourish you, mind, body and spirit, but we also wanted to do some good in the neighborhood.”

Tune in to Spiritual Nourishment every Monday and Wednesday during your drive time from 4:00-6:00 PM EST. Tune in by logging onto or download the phone app from your app store on iTunes  | Google Play | Blackberry


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