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Pamela M. Turner is a highly respected fitness professional and an expert at showing people how to have fun and get moving! Pamela is the owner and president of TurneRound Fitness, LLC, and certified by ISSA. She educates and motivates her clients through her unique style of coaching.  Pamela is dedicated to promoting health and fitness to people of all ages. She is one of the most sought after personal trainers in the tri-state area. Ms. Turner’s work provides her clients with the resources and information they need to improve their overall well-being. She is also the Author of Get Your Life Back- 21 Days to Healthy Living and Thinking available on
Ms. Turner thrives by meeting the needs of her TurneRound Fitness, LLC Clients.  She provides her clients with personalized regimens that are not just about diet and exercise. As a frequently requested guest speaker, Pamela helps bridge the gap between health and fitness.  She connects with her audience and reminds them of the power of health, exercise and wellness that leads to prevention and direct stress management benefits.
Pamela’s message of overcoming inner struggles, adapting to change and fulfilling your potential has inspired countless individuals to pursue positive lifestyle changes. She works with a variety programs and events to promote health and wellness throughout the community. She is a wellness advocate that stresses the known fact that exercise has benefits that can ease stress levels and empower people to take better control over their body and ultimately their life. Pamela is a member of Abundant Life Family Worship Church in New Brunswick ,NJ. She serves on the Greeter Ministry. She also has a Living Well health segment on iWorship96 Radio


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