In the Flow with Junaldo O. Lee (Mondays 9PM: Sundays 9AM))

Monday and Sunday, from 21:00 to 22:00

Award-Winning Author, Junaldo O. Lee, is a Man of Wisdom with who values the Lives of All of Gods creation. As a Dynamic Speaker, whether speaking to intimate groups or to the masses, He Believes in delivering messages with transparency and charisma that will leave the audience Charged and Empowered to move forward in their God Given/Inspired Purpose.  As a True Shepherd, He Believes in the importance of reaching the Body of Christ as well as those who are seeking for change in their lives.  As an Influential Author, He Believes in conveying encouraging content that causes the listener to not just Hear the Message, but to apply it to their lives as well.  As an Empowering Life Coach, He Believes in speaking into people’s lives with deep responsibility and a sense of purpose. Junaldo O. Lee is a Man who Believes that God speaks through even the simplest of opportunities . 

Junaldo O. Lee currently serves as Senior Pastor of the Flow Church located in Lilburn, GA, a non-denominational ministry. Junaldo O. Lee has counseled and coached hundreds upon hundreds of individuals, families, as well as sports figures and celebrities, ALL to the Glory of God. Lee has worked as a radio, TV, and worldwide web personality. When Lee is not addressing God’s people, he is an avid sports fan always rooting for his hometown Detroit sports teams.  

Junaldo O. Lee is author of PainKiller: The Prescription for Your Pain, (Amazon) and many more forthcoming books in the near future. 


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