Coffee-sations™ Around the Table w/La Tanya

Thursday, from 21:00 to 22:00

Coffee-sations™ Around the Table w/La Tanya – “Straight Talk. Real Talk. Just Plain ole Girl Talk. The show features La Tanya periodically alongside a few of her girlfriends sharing their authentic perspectives on life, relationships, business, ministry and more that will empower you to live life authentically and on pull up a chair, grab your favorite Cup of Joe and join the conversation!

ABOUT PROPHETESS LA TANYA  D. WALKER IS AN AUTHOR. SPEAKER. ENTREPRENEUR & COACH, whose heart is set to empower women around the world in ministry and the marketplace to live a life authentic and on purpose.  Whether in Chuck's Taylor’s or stiletto's, she is just an ordinary girl with an extraordinary story of faith, perseverance, and triumph; one that's told while sharing the Gospel or other fiery messages that provoke transformation mind, body and spirit.

​​Establishing her roots as an entrepreneur in 2001, La Tanya has owned solely or in partnership five successful businesses in Houston, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia.   At the onset of her entrepreneurial career, La Tanya focused her efforts on providing consulting and business development to non-profit organizations and small, yet emerging high net-worth business owners in sports, entertainment and government.  As an accomplished business owner La Tanya has received numerous awards and recognition for her outstanding business success to include: Who’s Who in Black Houston & Atlanta, Mack H. Hannah, Jr., Upstart Award and GHBC Pinnacle Award (nominee) to name a few. 

La Tanya is a sought-after business consultant, at the peak of a 30-year career in both public and private sectors, dedicating the last 5 years solely to supporting  women in ministry and the marketplace. In addition to her love for Christ, La Tanya is CEO of La Tanya D. Walker Global, the business arm for her ministry and entrepreneurial endeavors.  She is a burgeoning Author having released her second book, Confidential Conversations, The Last Nine.  A book in its own rights, yet the final nine  conversations with God to complete her inaugural book, Confidential Conversations 21-Day Devotional.  To learn more about La Tanya, visit

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