Tauren Wells fights human trafficking, asks God to expose traffickers led by 'evil spirits'

January 25, 2021

Award-winning Christian singer Tauren Wells has added anti-human trafficking advocate to his resume and is charging people to join the fight against this form of "unbelievable evil" through fervent prayer and support.

Wells’ latest single, “All God's Children,” was released this month to help fight against human trafficking. He became passionate about this form of modern-day slavery after talking with his wife about the sexual exploitation of children.

"It's kind of something that I was aware of, but I had no empathy toward. So my wife was showing me different articles, there was all this energy around this topic in Hollywood and different spaces,” Wells told The Christian Post in a recent interview. “Then she sent me a video of Blake Lively talking explicitly about what was happening in the lives of those who are held captive by this unbelievable evil. I really don't have any other language for it, other than I was grieved.”

A staggering statistic announced on NBC's "Today" show in 2016 revealed that every 30 seconds on average, someone falls victim to sex trafficking. According to UNICEF, more than a million children are trafficked each year.

Wells said that over 40 million men, women and children are enslaved all over the world. The trafficking system consists of victims being bought and sold for various things but primarily for sexual exploitation and abuse. He said 70% of those trafficked are women with a high percentage being children. 


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