Meet The 16-Year-Old Black Girl Who Insists She’s White

October 26, 2018

16-year-old girl Treasure recently appeared on the Dr. Phil show. Despite her beautiful chocolate skin, she rejects the fact that she’s black. In fact she will tell anyone who asks that she is a Caucasian woman.

Treasure explained: “I’m white. Everything about me is different from African-Americans. I have naturally straight hair. My hair isn’t nappy and doesn’t require weave. When it comes to black people, I think they’re all ugly.”

Treasure’s mom, Monique, believes that her daughter’s hatred of her skin may stem from childhood. Monique initially told her daughter her father was white. She later confessed to Treasure that her father was in fact a Black man. 

Both Monique and her son, Kendal, say Treasure’s  views are “extremely painful” and “embarrassing.” Her brother especially fears his sister will spew her twisted logic to the wrong person and get hurt. 

But Treasure ignores them and says her role models are Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump.

To try and change her viewpoint, Dr. Phil introduces Treasure to African-American therapist and life coach Sprit. 

“We have issues around culture, we have issues around class, we have issues around racial identity, and we have issues around self-esteem,” Spirit says. “It’s not that she hates Black people; it’s that she hates herself.”

But when Spirit offers to let Treasure come to her offices in Atlanta to meet other positive black women – Treasure flatly turns her down.

Treasure boldly responds: “I don’t believe in going into a room full of ni***rs. I would never do something like that.”

Far from being offended Sprit tells her: “When you feel the need to use words to hurt people, we know all the time that hurt people hurt people. All I want to do is help you heal your brokenness.”



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