Meet LaToya Maddox on The Dr. Ira Show

October 25, 2019

LATOYA MADDOX will appear on the Dr. Ira Show, Saturday, October 26, 2019, at 9 AM EST. Tune in live on or download the phone app from your app store: iTunes  | Google Play | Blackberry 



LaToya Maddox, 37-year-old mother and registered nurse. Survivor of rape, abusive relationships, self-abuse, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Determined that no matter what life threw her way she would survive. No matter what spirits of darkness the devil tried to fill her with she would survive and rise up and above. Determined that if she could  overcome and turn her negative life events into positive ones she would and she would help someone else do the same. Because of her strong love and passion to help people and keep people from making the same mistakes she has made in life she found herself often being placed in leadership positions; however, still secretly dealing with issues from her past and suffering from severe depression from time to time. Then within 3 months a series of events happened that pushed her over the edge and she finally had her breakdown, but during her break down she heard God speak and from that breakdown and the voice of God, “There is purpose in your pain”, “you have gone through to help someone else come out” and as she wiped her tears in this horrible break down moment while on vacation in Florida, God showed her a design that went with a hash tag theme he had already given her at the beginning of the 3 months that changed her thinking completely (after the suicide of one she called and consider a little brother for over 11 years), #DontBeSilent And, that theme in that moment went from being about suicide to expanding to her life and the lives of those around her. Suicide, rape, domestic violence, and depression. #DontBeSilent is a campaign to bring awareness to things that matter that we often don’t want to talk about. She started this non profit organization I Rise Inc for that reason. The goals of I Rise is the definition of I Rise= I restore, inspire, strengthen, and educate. We want to not only bring awareness, but also help restore, inspire, strengthen, and educate victims and our community.


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