Kirk Franklin shares what he thinks of Kanye West’s Sunday Service

May 26, 2019

Gospel superstar Kirk Franklin spoke about his relationship with Kanye West in an interview with Beats 1 studio on Monday where he was asked to comment on the rapper's Sunday Service events. 

Franklin and West collaborated on the song "Ultralight Beam," and host Ebro Darden wanted Franklin's take on West's Sunday Services that his wife, Kim Kardashian West, described as a "spiritual Christian experience" that includes gospel music but omits preaching. 

“Let that be his medicine, he ain't making no loot doing it,” Franklin responded. 

“You could always tell intent by how people spend their money. How people spend their money is a reflection of their heart. And so the fact that this is something that he's doing on his own, let that be his medicine.”

The music minister, whose upcoming album is titled Long, live, love, added that West’s Sunday Services likely bring him healing after privately and publicly suffering from mental illness.

“Let’s let people heal," Franklin stressed. "I think at people's core, everybody’s just looking to be healed inside because we all coming with childhood trauma, especially people of color. We come with PTSD already straight out the womb, but we impact so much of culture while we still broken. So we're always walking with this tension but we move the needle.”

Franklin and gospel singer Erica Campbell also spoke about West with Atlanta Black Star this week and shared what they thought of mainstream artists making Christian music.

“For somebody to be selling that many records and be having that much success and go, ‘I want to do a gospel record,’ God is doing something in their heart,” Campbell said. “Unfortunately, some people feel like we’re an exclusive club and if your life is not pristine, don’t do it. [But] if your life’s supposed to be pristine then would not one of us be singing.

“Let them start where they start and let God do the work,” she continued. “You can’t sing about Jesus too long without Him changing you. … Let ’em all do records! [Lady] Gaga, all y’all! Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj — do gospel records! Keep singing about Jesus, because when you call Him, He answers.”



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