'Jesus Shoes' Claiming to be Filled with Holy Water Sell Out at $ 1,425 Each

October 18, 2019

A company based in Brooklyn, New York, New York Brooklyn-based company sold out of custom-designed so-called Jesus Shoes priced at $1,425.

The shoes designed by MSCHF were made from a pair of regularly priced $160 Nike Air Max 97 sneakers, according to CNS News.

The reworked soles contain holy water from the River Jordan that was blessed by a Brooklyn priest, the wool insoles are scented with frankincense and a shoelace is decorated with a gold crucifix charm, MSCHF said in a press release online.

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The unknown buyer of the shoes Tuesday immediately relisted them for sale online for $4,000, CBS reported

The company said more of the shoes will be available Oct. 22.


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