Huggies Puts A Black Father On Its Packaging!

July 23, 2019

It looks like Huggies is making some history for itself.

On July 8, the pampers powerhouse debuted new packaging for its “Special Delivery” diapers, boasting a beautiful Black father, a first of its kind in the company’s 41-year-old history.

It’s also part of a larger campaign that showcased other dads (and moms) as well.

One of the fathers modeling for the Daddy-friendly packaging box is Chicago-native Orlando Thompson and his 3-year-old daughter Soraya Lattimore. Thompson told USA Today that he is honored to be part of a push to change the way we look at our fatherhood.

“There’s a stereotype that’s out there that dads in general, not just a particular race, are not connected to their kids and not affectionate,” Thompson stressed, adding, “This should have been displaced a long time ago.”

So why now for this much-needed representation?

“We really believe in celebrating all parents and the great job that parents are doing,” Huggies North America brand director Kristine Rhode recently told USA Today. 

She added, “When you think about the important role that dads have in the family today and how that continues to grow, we wanted to make sure they were equally celebrated.”



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